Setting up RequireJS and AngularJS without the fuzz

Getting RequireJS and AngularJS to play along nicely together can be quite the hurdle for many of us. The main thing that throws us off track is this peculiar situation were you suddenly have two frameworks that both handle dependency injection. After spending a considerate amount of time debunking and refining, I managed to come up with a setup that is as clean as possible and still let’s the two frameworks coexist. Since this seems to be a recurring topic with a lack of good articles on how to solve it, I decided I would share my solution to the problem.

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dev:mobile 2014

Thursday May 22 2014 I visited dev:mobile, a conference in Göteborg Sweden held at Folkets Hus that focuses on apps and mobile technologies. This year was the second time it was held and the following are my notes from the visit.

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